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How Far Can the DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly?

In the present era, seeing individuals using drones for different purposes is no longer something weird, but how far they can fly is what matters the most! Do you know anything about DJI Mini 3 Pro?! How far can the DJI Mini 3 pro fly?

In this essay, we are going to discuss the previous questions, besides adding a few pros and cons about the drone, so then you will know whether you want to provide it!

How far will a DJI Mini 3 pro fly?

When it comes to the DIJ Mini 3 pro, it can fly up to 12 kilometers away! In the majority of cases, it is even more than enough and makes it a great ideal choice for many activities, including photography.

Note that it is the approximate distance it can go far, which means you have the option to set the distance you want in 12 kilometers or less.

Now that you know how far the DJI Mini 3 pro flies, let’s learn a little more about that and the drone’s world as well.

Is this hard to work with DJI Mini 3 Pro?

Now that we know it can fly up to 12 kilometers away from where you stand, you must not have any concerns about it, but there is still something many of you might be worried about!

Because making something fly is a very complicated process, how come there are so many people of different ages who can do it with DIJ Mini 3 Pro?

For those of you who do not have experience with drones, this question may trick your mind, but there is nothing to be afraid of since there are so many options in this drone to help you.

To start working with it, all you need to do is push a button, and soon, the drone will take off and stay one meter away from the floor; no need to do anything special, as you see!

Once you are done, there are two options for landing the drone: you can either land it where it is or use the advanced option, which is “return home.”

No matter how far the DJI Mini Pro 3 flies, this advanced option always takes it back to where it takes off from and lands it there.

The Mini 3 is also quite easy to control since it is very stable while it is flying; besides that, it has very basic and easy-to-use controllers to move it in different directions.

So, next time you want to think of using this drone, stop picturing an Airbus pilot cabin; it is no harder than using a smartphone in many cases.

What is the speed of the DJI Mini 3 pro?

Does not matter how far can the DIJ Mini 3 pro fly as long as you are not sure whether the speed of the drone suits your purposes, right?

The Mini 3 has three modes when it comes to speed, only to make sure you get what you want. (How Fast Can a Drone Fly?)

You can find three signs of N, S, and C there in the controller, each indicating a specific limit of speed.

What is the speed of the DJI Mini 3 pro?

Here, N means normal; in this mode, the drone would move in the average range of 35 kilometers per hour, which is quite suitable in general.

C refers to cinematic; this mode is specified for photographing and recording videos, which means the drone is expected to move slower, which is almost 20 kilometers per hour.

The last mode of speed of Mini 3, which is S, is a sign of sport; in this mode, the drone moves at the maximum speed, which is 55 kilometers per hour.

Not many of you expected the Mini 3 to move this fast. However, its low weight gives it such an unbelievable option! It is only 249 grams heavy.

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How is the DJI Mini 3 pro’s camera?

I bet many of you have been waiting to get to this part since the camera is undoubtedly the most important part of any drone. It is what makes them useful.

Just like the speed and control, we can proudly say the camera makes the most distinguishable difference between this model with its previous models, like the Mini 2 here!

The DJI Mini 3 pro flies up to 12 kilometers away; however, without a professional camera, it means nothing! Hopefully, Mini 3 Pro has worked well in this case!

A 1/1.3-inch sensor camera with 48 megapixels for photos and a 4K 60 FPS camera for videos is only one tiny part of its features.

With such a camera, you can expect incredible photos, especially in low-light performances, which is a great point for those of you who choose nights or evenings for activity.

The Mini 3 also includes High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 1,080p 120fps slow-motion; this is perfect for traveling and taking fabulous pictures to make it memorable.

Now, not everything is perfect about its camera; unlike the fact that the DIJ Mini 3 pro can fly so far, once you start zooming in on the photos, you will notice some troubles.

However, these are not big of a deal unless you are a professional photographer! Other than that, its pictures can make everyone admire.

There is still one more feature called MasterShot! This allows you to choose your target, and the drone will aim at it. As a result, it would automatically produce a video from different positions.

Quickly switch between landscape and portrait in just a tap. The re-engineered camera gimbal rotates 90°, so you don’t have to compromise on image quality. True Vertical Shooting gives you detailed shots, instantly ready for social media.

Lastly, the camera can route 90 degrees, which means it can take vertical photos and videos, so then you can enjoy even more from your adventure.

What is the battery life of the DJI Mini 3 pro? 

The worst thing that can happen for any drone owner is to see the battery about to die right on the pick of filming!

It matters even more when you know you are going to use it in nature more often, where you cannot provide power to charge your drone!

The good news is that just like how far can the DIJ Mini 3 pro fly, the battery life has improved, too! The average flight time in Mini 3 is about 34 minutes.

This timing depends on the condition and speed of your drone; however, it is expected to last half an hour in the sky and take breathtaking pictures.

In case you do not think that is enough, it is time to know that the DJI is selling another extra battery called “Flight Better Plus!”

Using this secondary battery would allow you to fly for 47 minutes on average, which is remarkably long; keep in mind that it would decrease the weight of your drone.

That means you are forced to register since your drone grams which cross the limit and would be heavier than 250.

How are the DJI Mini 3 pro’s controllers?

Once you are purchasing the DJI Mini 3 pro, you have to choose between two types of controllers! But what are the differences?

The first type, which is called “RC-N1,” has a classic design; it can connect to your smartphone through a cable, and that is how you can see how far can the DIJ Mini 3 pro fly.

On the other hand, there is a new design of a controller that has a screen itself! It supports your Android smartphone and blocks the notifications off the screen.

That means in case someone decides to call you while you are busy with flying, you would no longer be disconnected from the controller!

However, nothing is perfect. The light of the new design controller seems to be not enough on some occasions, especially under direct sun exposure.

Both controllers are easy to hold in hand, even though you do not feel tired before the battery dies!

What are the pros & cons of DJI Mini 3 Pro?

After everything you learned about Mini 3, now is the time to have a short comparison and note its pros as well as cons:

Pros Cons
The first important advantage of this drone is that it is very handy and small, which makes it easy to transfer! This matters for those of you who rather use the drone somewhere away from your house. A great camera means recording high-size content, which is followed by a small storage place! You need to transfer the files more often just to make sure there is always enough space.
Another pro is for sure the fact that the DIJ Mini 3 pro can fly so far and the lightweight, as well as the rather long battery life, which is a whole package. One important disadvantage that makes many people have second thoughts about providing it is its price!
The last pro is considered the camera! Does not matter what other drone you want to compare the Mini 3 with; it always has a lot to say.

Now you can get one DIJ Mini 3 pro from Amazon for about 750 dollars, which, in comparison to other drones and their qualities, is a little high.

Summing up

Alright, my friends, that was all you needed to know about this drone and how far the DJI Mini 3 pro flies; what do you think about it?!

Do you think you would ever find any better option in this range of price than this drone? What is that? Does it have anything to do with your usage purpose?

If there was something you could have changed about this drone, what would that be?

Feel free to comment on your ideas, experiences, and questions with us or other users through the comment section, folks!


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