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Is DJI Mini 3 Pro Waterproof?

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is a popular drone with great performance and versatility.

You may wish to use this drone in the water or sea to take beautiful images and movies. Our post will answer if this drone is waterproof and can be used in rain or water.

DJI Mini 3 pro water landing

An important question you may have when using your drone is, “Can my DJI Mini 3 Pro land on water?” The important thing is that the DJI Mini 3 Pro is not waterproof.

This drone is not designed for water. Therefore, it is very important to keep the drone away from water during flight.

But what about rain? It might suddenly rain when you fly a drone, or you might want to take photos and videos outdoors.

While drizzles or rain should not cause your drone to become totally wet, they shouldn’t be enough to cause serious issues, either.

It is crucial to remember that the DJI Mini 3 Pro is not waterproof and that prolonged exposure to rain may harm the gadget.

As a result, it is advised to keep your drone out of the rain whenever feasible.

Water damage on the DJI Mini 3 Pro

What should you do if your DJI gets wet? The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone is not waterproof and can be harmed by water.

  1. First, remove any memory cards, turn them off, and remove the battery. This will assist in averting a short circuit.
  2. After that, use a dry cloth to wipe any remaining moisture from the drone gently.
  3. Place it in a bag of raw rice for 24 hours. The rice acts like a sponge, absorbing moisture and saving your drone from further damage.

Water can harm motors, erode circuits, and cause long-term issues. Your drone may behave strangely, have malfunctioning parts, or even refuse to turn on if it gets wet.

The question of how long it takes for a wet drone to dry? is the next one. Drying your drone takes time. After the rice bed, it usually takes at least a day for your DJI Mini 3 Pro to dry.

If you put it in a rice bag, as we said, your drone will dry after 24 hours.

If you do not have access, it is better to leave it in a suitable place for more than 24 hours and not use it at all until it dries.

Can you fly DJI Mini 3 pro in winter?

Since winter has blanketed the landscape with snow, the desire to carry the DJI Mini 3 Pro along for filming in the attractive winter weather is high.

But can you fly DJI mini 3 Pro in winter? Yes, however, when flying your drone in winter, it is important to observe and consider several key points.

Cold temperatures can pose a real danger to your drone’s batteries. The chilly weather can significantly impact battery performance, leading to reduced flight time.

To mitigate this issue, it’s advisable to keep spare batteries warm and be prepared to replace them during winter flights.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone has specific temperature limits for operation, with a range of -10 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Before taking off, you must make sure the temperature at your flying destination is within this range.

Can the DJI Mini 3 Pro fly in the snow?

The sight of fresh snow can be enticing, and you may be wondering if can the DJI Mini 3 Pro fly in the snow. Yes, but in general, it’s best to proceed with caution.

Although flying the DJI Mini 3 Pro in snowy circumstances is technically doable, you should be aware that there could be hazards involved with your drone.

Snowflakes, as they melt, can introduce moisture into your drone’s delicate electronics.

Moreover, snow can potentially damage your drone’s sensors, affecting its stability and overall performance.

If you are determined to fly your Mini 3 Pro in snowy conditions, it is advisable to be selective about the type of snow you encounter. Dry and powdery snow is less troublesome than wet and slushy snow.

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DJI mini 3 pro water damage repair

If water infiltrates the DJI Mini 3 Pro, it can lead to various issues, including rusting of internal components, tangled wires, and damage to the motors.

If you find your drone has been exposed to water and won’t turn on, it is important not to panic.

Instead, follow these steps for DJI mini 3 pro water damage repairs:

  1. Do not attempt to power on

Do not try to turn on the drone immediately.

  1. Dry with a hair dryer

To gently dry the wet regions of the drone, use a hair dryer with the wind setting at a medium setting. Make sure not to apply high heat, as this could severely harm the interior parts. After using the hair dryer, store the drone for at least two days in a warm, dry environment. This will reduce the possibility of harm and enable it to dry out completely.

  1. Examine the battery

Before attempting to power on the drone again, it is preferable to replace the battery with a new one if the damage is significant and there is cause to believe that it has been damaged.

Mini 3 Pro sports a completely new look that is optimized to get more out of every flight. With larger propellers, an aerodynamic body tilt, and a powerful obstacle sensing system, the streamlined design allows for increased flight time and safety.

Does the DJI mini 3 pro warranty cover water damage?

If there is significant damage to your drone that cannot be fixed, what should you do? And does the DJI mini 3 pro warranty cover water damage? The answer is yes.

DJI typically provides a comprehensive warranty that often includes coverage for situations where your drone is exposed to water or sustains water damage.

DJI’s warranty is known for being robust, and it can be utilized to address accidental damage, including water-related issues, as well as other mishaps, such as collisions and accidents.

In the case of water damage, DJI’s warranty typically offers a replacement service. These replacement units are either brand new products or in equivalent new condition.

You can, therefore, be confident that you can utilize your warranty without paying extra if your drone gets wet and breaks down.

Just get in touch with DJI dealers, describe your problems, and use your warranty to get it fixed.


For many drone users, the question arises whether is DJI Mini 3 Pro is waterproof.

This drone is not waterproof, and it is very important to keep it away from water during flight. Water damage can have serious consequences.

When water damage occurs, it is recommended to follow certain steps for repair, including not trying to turn on the drone immediately and letting the drone dry for at least two days.

In addition, if the damage is significant, DJI’s warranty usually covers water damage. Do you know other ways to dry DJI Mini 3 properly? Please share it with us in the comments.


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