How Much Does a Commercial Drone License Cost?

I can see that you are gathering data about the commercial drone license costs, and it means that you are eager to get a drone license. Congratulations in advance!

If you are looking for the costs, here I have prepared an article about how much a commercial drone license costs. If you want to know how much money you have to put aside, let’s dive into the topic.

How Much Does a Drone License Cost for Commercial Use?

The cost of a commercial drone license in the US is $175. This includes the fee for taking the FAA Part 107 knowledge test, which is required to get a commercial drone license.

You will also have to register your drone with the FAA, which costs $5 for each commercial drone for 3 years.

Here is the overall of all the costs:

FAA Part 107 knowledge test fee:  $150 to $200. The Part 107 exam is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a commercial drone license. It must be taken in person at an FAA-authorized testing center.
Drone registration fee: $5 per drone for 3 years. Each drone used for commercial operations must be registered with the FAA.
Medical Examination (if required):  $75 to $150. Sometimes, a medical examination may be necessary to ensure that you are physically fit to operate a drone commercially.

The FAA Part 107 knowledge test, as I have previously mentioned, is a multiple-choice exam that covers a variety of topics.

You have to know that preparing for the exam might cost you something about $50 to $300, as you might need to buy books or participate in online courses to prepare for the test.

The minimum score that you have to get is at least 70% so you can pass successfully, but if you fail the exam, you have to repay the fee and participate again.

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How To Register a Drone With the FAA?

If you want to register your commercial drone with the FAA, you will need to create an account on the FAA DroneZone website.

You will then need to provide the following information about the drone you have:

  • Serial number
  • Make and model
  • Weight
  • Classification

Once you have paid the registration fee, which, as mentioned above, is $5 per drone, your drone will be registered with the FAA for three years.

You will need to renew your registration after every three years that passed.

If you are interested in obtaining a commercial drone license, I recommend that you start by studying for the FAA Part 107 knowledge test.

You can also visit the FAA DroneZone website for more information on drone registration and licensing.

Shall I Have to Renew the Fee for a Commercial License Drone?

The Part 107 exam fee is only required to be paid once, regardless of how many times you take the exam.

However, the drone registration fee is valid for 3 years, so you will need to renew it every three years if you continue to use your drone for commercial purposes.

Here is a table summarizing the fees and their duration:

Fee Duration
Part 107 Exam Fee Once
Drone Registration Fee 3 years

So, if you plan to use your drone for commercial purposes for an extended period, you will need to budget for the drone registration fee to be renewed every three years.

In Short

As I have provided some of the costs for getting a commercial drone license, you have to know that these costs are approximate and may vary based on some factors such as location, chosen study materials, and whether you need some additional training beyond the basic requirements.

Now that you know how much a commercial drone license costs, do you want to get your commercial drone license? Please share your thoughts on this topic.


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