DJI FPV battery flashing

Aerial photography and videography! It is a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

If you’ve ever had this memorable experience, you’ll know that drones, sometimes known as Heli shots, are an excellent choice for this sort of cinematography and photography.

If we talk about the main components of this gadget, we must mention that the battery is such a vital element of these devices that any problem or flaw in it may disrupt and deactivate the entire system.

The DJI FPV battery flash is one of the customers’ most prevalent issues. In general, LED lights are put as charge indicators in the batteries of these birds. The LEDs on the drone batteries will occasionally begin to flash.

Several factors might cause this flashing. We say that the battery is a vital element of the drone. Any problem with it might disable the device in general, so we chose to investigate these reasons in this post and see what difficulties may have been generated for the device when the DJI FPV battery Flashes. Follow us on to learn more about this.

The fpv battery has a capacity of 2,000 mAh and a power output of 44.4 watts.(More information on fpv battery review)

What is causing the DJI FPV battery flashing?

So, let’s look at one of the most commonly asked questions by DJI FPV Series users: why is the DJI FPV battery flashing?

This situation can manifest itself in various ways for the battery and LED lights, each of which signals a specific condition that has resulted in these flashing lights.

In this part, we’ll go over two of the most prevalent causes of LED lights flashing in DJI FPV:

· Rising battery temperature

Suppose the LED light near the device’s power button keeps flashing quickly. In that situation, it means your battery’s temperature has increased over its average and is increasing by the second. It acts as an alarm and warning to show something to you in this manner.

· Low battery charge

Another factor that might cause the LED lights to flash is when the device’s batteries run low or empty for an extended period. Suppose you’ve dealt with these drones previously.

In that case, you’ll know that if they’re switched off for an extended period, the DJI FPV battery will be automatically depleted, with only 20% of the battery capacity remaining if the user desires to utilize the bird.

It is worth noting that leaving the battery at this charge level for an extended time might cause damage to the device.

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As a result, if you are not going to use your gadget, you should try to place the battery in discharge mode and then detach it from the DJI FPV.

As previously stated, these two circumstances are the primary causes of these flashes, and in most cases, resolving these two cases would address the device’s problem.

Other causes, however, differ depending on which light is flashing. We looked at these examples in the following sections. Continue to follow us.

Did you know drone fpv three flight modes: manual, sport, and normal, which are easily accessible via the key embedded in the back of the controller?(dji fpv specs)

What causes the DJI FPV battery’s LEDs to flash?

As you may be aware, the battery used for DJI FPV features LED lights. These lights can be used to detect the device’s battery charge level and are an excellent reference to knowing the battery charge.

Given the significance of this subject, the user should be aware that flashing these lights, either together or separately, might have distinct meanings and signify a specific fault.

We have investigated the causes of each of these LEDs’ flashing in the following sections:

The causes of the DJI FPV battery’s LEDs flashing
Flashing LED Flashing pattern  Occurred problems
LED 2 Flashes twice every second A lot of currents have entered the battery
LED 2 Flashes 3 times every second A short circuit has been created
LED 3 Flashes twice every second The battery is overcharged
LED 3 Flashes 3 times every second Excess standard voltage is sent to the charge
LED 4 Flashes twice every second Battery charging temperature is abnormally low
LED 4 Flashes 3 times every second The battery charging temperature is abnormally high

Batteries can be damaged for various reasons, including impact, technical features in the circuit, short circuits, and other factors, resulting in the DJI FPV battery not charging.(read: FPV battery not charging)

To conclude…

According to the data we explained during the article about the DJI FPV drone battery, you learned everything about batteries and understand that this element is vital for the device. Also, you should be diligent in using and maintaining it and have technical information. So that if you see each flash, understand where the problem is coming from entirely.

With the aid of the table in the preceding part, you can quickly understand the cause of the DJI FPV battery LEDs flashing, and then you can remedy the problem.

We hope this article has been a valuable resource for understanding this aspect of the drone. If you run into any issues, please let us know in the comments area so that our staff can answer as quickly as possible.


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