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With shifting worldwide trends and technological advancements, we can see that drones have become quite fashionable these days. They are employed in every industry, including photography, cinematography, entertainment, and pleasure.

It’s worth noting that models like combo and FPV are used in some events. Aside from the benefits of these drones, there are specific challenges for users to overcome, one of which is the battery issue of these gadgets.

When the DJI FPV battery fails to charge, the user becomes increasingly concerned. Several factors might cause the problem of not charging the battery in these drones.

This problem is often straightforward to resolve, but it can sometimes cause issues and damage to the device that is difficult to determine, necessitating the repair of the device, battery, and charging hub in approved service facilities by expert specialists.

As you can see from the statement, this is significant, and for that reason, we will investigate the aspects and causes of why the DJI FPV battery is not charging in this post.

If you have such an issue, we recommend that you read to the conclusion of this article.

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Why does the DJI FPV battery not charging? (Reasons)

Because of the rising popularity of rechargeable gadgets, the most significant component of drones is their batteries.

The reason for this is apparent: without a battery or its malfunction, the device will not function at all. This is also true with DJI drones because all of the components, including the aircraft, controller, goggles, and so on, are powered by batteries.

Things that suggest that one of the most common difficulties that these drones might encounter is a problem with their battery, and the majority of the items that the user is worried about is a lack of battery charge DJI FPV.

Given this problem, we’ve decided to look at the primary reasons behind it in this section. Let’s go!

Reason 1: One of the most common causes for these drones not being charged is an issue with the charger. Did you know that these small drones have a charging hub that may be used to power the device’s batteries, including the goggles, controller, and the bird itself?

Solve 1: To fix the challenges of this drone not charging, the first thing that needs to be thoroughly inspected is its charging hub. So, whether or not this charger works appropriately when attached to a power source should be determined. When the charger does not function, there may be an issue with the connections, cables, or internal parts such as circuits. So, if the problem was with the charger and you discovered that it could not charge any of the batteries, you should get a new charger or, if feasible, fix it. Checking the charging wires might also be beneficial because they may be disconnected or improperly linked at times.

As we discussed in depth in the preceding part, the most apparent cause why the DJI FPV battery does not charge is a problem with the charger, and we advised that if you find this problem, check the charger and its connections.

Reason 2: You now double-checked and find that the charger is secure! So, where does the issue stem from? So, let us explain in more detail below. There is just one option here: the battery is faulty.

Solve 2: One method is to remove the drone battery from sleep mode. To accomplish this, place the battery on the charger for a few hours to completely charge. However, remember that this might be useful if the battery has been neglected and automatically entered this mode when the charge is down.

Solve 3: Another solution to the problem of the DJI FPV battery not charging is to reset the drone battery. You won’t need your battery charger for this.

So, what can you do?

Solve the battery problem
Solve the battery problem

Now let us explain:

  • During the procedure, push the charger’s power button twice and ignore any lights or LEDs that illuminate.

Note: Avoid pressing any other buttons and let the device go through the reset procedure.

  • It is best to let the battery a few minutes to rest after finishing this operation. The battery should then be connected to the charger.

Note: You no longer need to press the button once you believe the battery has had enough time to rest.

Suppose you’ve followed all of the above measures and still haven’t gotten any results. In that case, there’s only one option left: go to a repair facility and get assistance from the appropriate professionals.

What may have occurred to the battery in the DJI FPV?

Based on the information we gathered in the preceding part, we concluded that if we investigated and found that the charger was not faulty, there is no doubt that the problem is with the DJI FPV battery.

We have devised remedies to this problem that were successful in several circumstances. In this part, we will look at the factors that might cause the battery of a DJI FPV drone to fail.

The following are some of the reasons:

  1. Lifespan: The passage of time and the end of battery life are just two of the causes of the device’s battery failure! Drone batteries are often constructed of lithium polymer and have a long life. (FPV battery review) However, their life span is limited, and they must be replaced with a fresh battery after a certain amount of time.
  2. Harm: Batteries can be damaged for various reasons, including impact, technical features in the circuit, short circuits, and other factors, resulting in the DJI FPV battery not charging.
  3. Lack of adequate maintenance and care: Battery damage can sometimes be caused by the user itself. In such a way, the party is not responsible for the battery’s care and maintenance. The battery will be damaged and unable to charge due to this. As a result, it is preferable to study the battery and charger guidelines and its charger carefully from the start. In this manner, no damage will be visible, and the DJI FPV battery will charge easily.

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The last word,

As we covered earlier in the article, the battery is one of the most significant components of a DJI FPV drone. The user should be well informed before using it and be cautious afterward.

So, after reading this essay, you will have a better understanding of how to utilize it and how to address any problems that may arise, such as the DJI FPV battery not charging. However, if you cannot resolve an issue, you should seek the assistance of an expert.


We hope you find this information helpful and enjoy your drone!


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