DJI FPV battery

Electronic gadgets are now widely used due to the automation of every piece of equipment. And there is a time when batteries are vital for any portable electronic or digital gadget.

Drones are among the mobile and electronic technologies that rely heavily on batteries. In reality, each component of this gadget has its battery, including the DJI FPV battery, controller battery, camera battery, and so on.

The issue presently is that consumers typically purchase spare batteries for this gadget because of the relatively low capacity of this sort of battery.

You may expand the gadget’s usage duration by using these batteries, and there is no need to stop the device from charging its battery. As previously said, the battery is one of the most significant components of these drones.

We aim to discuss the DJI FPV battery in length in this article and study its characteristics and longevity. Continue to follow us.

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DJI FPV battery specs

As stated at the beginning of this article and in past posts, DJI is one of the most successful and well-known companies in the manufacture of electronic drones, having produced many types of drones and a new series of quadcopters last year.

The presentation was well-received by the public. Among these drones are faster speed and a distinctive feature, the FPV feature view. With this function, the user may experience thrill and speed, which piques the user’s interest in the gadget.

According to the data provided thus far, you have recognized that batteries are one of the most crucial components of this DJI FPV quadcopter.

This part will describe the specs of this battery that include 6 cells polymer lithium batteries to power this Drone. Lithium polymer batteries offer long life in addition to excellent performance and superior quality.

This battery has a capacity of 2,000 mAh and a power output of 44.4 watts. To charge the battery of this Drone, you need a voltage of 25.2 volts and a power of 90 watts.

Another crucial consideration in this respect is the weight of the batteries, which, if too heavy, might impact the bird’s flight, speed, and quality. These batteries are great in this regard because they weigh only 295 grams.

What do you think is causing the DJI FPV battery flashing?

DJI FPV battery characteristics
Nominal battery power 44.4 watts per hour
 Battery capacity in MAH 2000 MAH
Single-charge battery life 20 MIN
Type of battery 6-cell polymer lithium
Voltage 22.2 volt
Maximum charging voltage required 25.2 volt
Maximum charging watts required 90 watt
Battery weight 295 GR
Battery discharge rate  Standard: C10
Charging temperaturet 5 to 40 degrees Celsius

41 to 104 degrees Fahrenhei

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DJI FPV battery life

Regarding the information and explanations given before about the battery of drones and its importance, one of the essential aspects is DJI FPV battery life, which is one of the most critical factors raised for DJI drones and is also one of the most commonly asked questions customers.

According to the research, the battery life of DJI drones is roughly 9 hours, which is the perfect battery life for a drone and results in user satisfaction.

However, if the user wants to be more efficient, he may readily get extra batteries. Make sure you purchase a battery that is compatible with the Drone.

How many watts is the DJI FPV battery?

One of the most critical factors in these drones is that the power consumption must be carefully studied. The power calculated for DJI FPV drone batteries, in general, is 44.4 watts per hour.

The drone can quickly fly for roughly 20 minutes without any difficulties with this power.

DJI FPV battery watt-hours

The intelligence of the FPV series DJI drone batteries is another attribute. These lithium polymer batteries have more excellent performance and longer life. You can fly for roughly twenty minutes with the aid of this battery.

DJI FPV battery watt-hours
DJI FPV battery watt-hours

As previously stated, the watt-hour of this yat, or its equivalent power, is 44.4 watts per hour. When comparing the power of this Drone to the Mavic model, we can see that it has less power.

The Mavic offers a higher power output than the DJI FPV battery, 59.59 watts per hour. However, this Drone with the same power has acceptable performance and has attracted many users.

Why does the DJI FPV battery not charging? (Reasons)


As you can see, in today’s modern electronics world, drones play an important role in people’s personal and professional life. One of the most popular gadgets is DJI FPV, which is essential in accessories and the Drone itself.

Among these elements is the DJI FPV battery, which is critical to the technology’s high and improved performance. We attempted to cover all of the essential aspects of the battery in this post.

We hope you find the information we’ve gathered beneficial. Please post your concerns in the comment section to respond as quickly as possible if you have any questions.


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