Can You Bring a Drone on a Cruise?

Boat trips have very attractive and amazing views that can be recorded and filmed in the best way, thanks to drones. But the question that may arise for passengers is, can you bring drones on a cruise ship?

Join us as we continue to discuss whether you can take a drone on a cruise and their use on a cruise. Let’s start together!

Are drones allowed on cruise ships?

The answer is yes, but using them on a cruise ship follows the rules that you should know before the trip.

What about the carnival cruise? Can you bring a drone on a Carnival cruise?

Of the eight major cruise lines in the industry, only three, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Celebrity Cruises, allow passengers to carry drones.

Drones are only permitted for usage in port areas, and tourists must abide by local drone laws, which include distance requirements from structures, ships, and other prohibited places like airports.

In some circumstances, a license could be needed to fly a drone. If you don’t follow these rules, cruise companies or municipal authorities may punish you or even take your drone away.

Even though the carnival allows drones, there is a strict restriction – only camera-equipped drones are allowed, and their use is limited to land. This is also in line with Royal Caribbean’s policy.

On which cruise ship can you take a drone?

Only a few cruise ships allow the use of drones, and the availability varies between cruise lines. Only a select fraction of the biggest cruise lines in the sector accept drones for boarding.

It is crucial to remember that there are tight guidelines and limitations on how drones can be used aboard these cruise ships.

A license may occasionally be required in order to operate a drone. If you don’t follow these rules, cruise companies or local authorities may punish you or take your drone away.

Drones can be used on select ships on certain cruise lines; here are specific ships where drones are allowed.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Can you take a drone on a cruise? Yes, Royal Caribbean allows drones on some of its ships, but they have strict rules. It’s important to check the latest policy, but ships like Symphony of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas have allowed drones in the past.

Carnival cruises

Another option where you can board a drone is Carnival Cruise Line, but it has a series of specific rules and regulations. Only drones equipped with cameras are allowed. Ships like Carnival Horizon and Carnival Breeze are known to accommodate such drones.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises, part of the Royal Caribbean Group, also allows drones. Similar to Royal Caribbean, they usually allow the use of drones in port areas.

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What are the rules for using drones on cruises?

Using a drone on a cruise ship is an exciting way to capture spectacular footage of sea and natural scenery.

As in the answer to Can you bring a drone on a cruise ship, we said that only some cruise lines allow bringing a drone, which also has rules.

Some general criteria normally apply, although these regulations can differ based on the airline.

For instance, the primary directive on the majority of cruise ships states that drones may only be used in port areas.

I suggest you visit the FAA website.

Drone operation while a ship is at sea is typically forbidden. This is done to safeguard the safety of the passengers and crew and to avoid any potential interference with the ship’s operations.

Passengers must comply with local drone regulations at each port. This includes observing no-fly zones and maintaining a safe distance from buildings, ships, and restricted areas such as airports.

The usage of drones at ports may occasionally require permission from local authorities. The passenger is responsible for being aware of any required permits and obtaining them. The passenger will be penalized if he does not comply with this.

In addition, some cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean only allow drones with cameras. Drones without cameras are often not allowed. This is primarily for safety and privacy reasons.

Why can’t we bring drones on a cruise?

Why can’t we bring drones on a cruise?

Drone use restrictions on sea voyages can be ascribed to a number of concerns, chiefly safety and privacy.

The disruption of ship operations is one of the main justifications for prohibiting the use of drones on sea travel. Drones flying near a ship’s navigation equipment or landing on the deck can pose safety risks.

Safety is another major concern on cruise ships. Drones flying in close proximity to passengers, especially on an open deck, can be dangerous. Unexpected landing or collision of the drone with passengers can lead to injuries.

Operating drones on a moving ship can be technically challenging. Ship motion, wind, and confined spaces on board can make UAV flight unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Drones equipped with cameras can violate the privacy of passengers. Cruise vacations are often noted for their privacy and tranquility, and having video-capable drones flying around passengers can be unsettling.


Bringing a drone on your cruise can be very useful for recording and filming scenic views, but can you bring a drone on a cruise? Yes, you can, but not on all cruise lines, and bringing it needs to follow a series of rules.

Drone regulations vary among cruise lines. Only Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Celebrity Cruises allow drones, but their use is limited to port areas.

Local drone laws, including distance requirements, must be followed, and permits are sometimes required.

The purpose of the restrictions is to ensure the safety and privacy of passengers and crew. Drones can disrupt ship operations, endanger passengers, and violate privacy.

Using drones at sea can be technically challenging due to ship motion. Are there any other cruises that allow bringing drones? Please provide their names for us!


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