Dji fpv camera review and specs

Everything in today’s sophisticated world is electronic and developed, and it has a specific position in people’s personal and professional life. Drones, which we discussed in earlier articles, are among these technological gadgets.

At this point, we’d like to take a closer look at the drone’s camera, and if you’re seeking speed, a first-person view (FPV), and a longer flying time, DJI’s FPV series drones are a great choice.

Indeed drones with excellent visibility and advanced cameras can capture high-resolution photos.

We may note the capability of broad video recording, which is also accessible in 4k quality, among the features of the DJI FPV camera. It also has a frame rate of 60 frames per second, which is excellent.

Then join us to discuss the DJI FPV camera’s specs, the DJI FPV camera quality, and DJI FPV camera size.

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DJI FPV camera

One of the most significant characteristics of DJI FPV drones, like any electronic equipment, is their camera.

The 4k video recording capability of the cameras fitted into the FPV series drones is utilized as shown. In addition, the frame rate of the DJI FPV camera is 60 frames per second.

The most common question in this section is why the frame rate planned for this camera is so high?

The drone’s breakneck speed answers this question, requiring a high frame rate per second.

Furthermore, the most significant bit rate that the camera of these birds can achieve is 120 bits per second. This bit rate can be obtained only when video recording is set to HD mode.

The viewing angle of DJI FPV cameras is the next item that comes to mind. This camera’s designed viewing angle is quite broad.

Despite the incredible speed of the aircraft, all of the features on the flight route may be encircled and observed in excellent definition in this manner.

DJI FPV camera specs

As you can see, the camera is one of the most significant components of an electronic gadget; therefore, knowing about it is crucial.

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We’ve decided to evaluate the DJI FPV series drone camera in this area and discuss DJI FPV camera specs. So, we encourage you to join us.

  • This camera has a sensor equal to 1 / 3.2 “CMOS. This camera also has 4 million pixels adequate number.
  • The lenses used in these cameras have a focal length of 2.1 mm and a maximum aperture of 2.1.
  • The shutter in this drone’s camera is of the Rolling Shutter kind. Rotary shutters use their sensor to scan up and down the line by line.
  • The iso, or light sensitivity of the camera sensor, is another impressive DJI FPV camera spec. This attribute is one of the most critical determinants of photo quality. The higher the number, the lighter you’ll have for shooting, and you’ll be able to capture fantastic images even in low-light situations. This camera’s iso range is 100-25600.
  • FPV, which is directly connected to the size of the camera sensor and its focal length, is another DJI FPV camera spec.

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The following are the FPV specs for these cameras:

1500(D), 1220(H), 930(V)

The measurements of this camera are 22.1 * 21.1 * 20.1 mm. It weighs 8.2 grams, which is excellent and does not put much weight on the drone.

DJI FPV camera specs
Sensor 1/3.2” CMOS
Lense 2.1 mm, f/2.1
Shutter Rolling shutter
Iso 100-25600
Viewing Angle 1500 (D), 122(H), 93(V)
Dimensions 22.1* 21.1* 20.1 mm
weight 8.2 gr


DJI FPV camera mount

The camera base, also known as the mount, is one of the accessories for DJI FPV cameras. The camera can be readied to land or rise from the ground by employing these bases.

When the camera is landed or lifted, the DJI FPV camera mounts, also known as brackets, must be in position.

These bases come in various styles, and you can select the one that best suits your needs. One of the uses of this camera stand is to guide and control the camera while it is in flight.

Typically, DJI FPV camera mounts do not include a camera or steering wheel, so you should purchase them separately if you require them.

DJI FPV camera quality

The DJI FPV camera quality is critical for many users, particularly those who use this gadget and the bird for recording.

You can take and execute amazing 4K resolution footage with the aid of this bird’s camera. For DJI FPV series cameras, the frame rate is 60 frames per second.

A gimbal was utilized to ensure that the camera on this bird did not shake and that the recording was perfectly steady.

This uniaxial, mechanical gimbal aids you in obtaining an image of incredibly high and adequate quality.

DJI FPV camera dimensions

Another central aspect that people frequently inquire about is the DJI FPV camera dimensions. Because this camera will be mounted on an airplane, it must be low in weight and tiny in size to avoid adding to the bird’s weight.

These cameras have dimensions of 2.21 cm by 2.11 cm by 2.01 cm, which is incredibly tiny and compact while reasonably good quality and efficient.

The last word,

This post attempted to describe the significant and crucial elements regarding the DJI FPV camera’s specs, including the DJI FPV camera quality, DJI FPV camera size, and the DJI FPV camera mounts.

We’re delighted you found this essay informative and stuck with us this far. If there was something we forgot, please let us know in the comments area so that other friends and we can benefit from it.


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