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The Phantom 3 standard battery

With the advancement of drone technology, they have discovered several uses in the fields of amusement and labor.

Various firms have begun to create for this reason, and the essential Phantom 3 may be called one of the 3rd generation drones, which is now ranked #1.

The battery in this gadget is a 4-cell type with a voltage of 15.2 points and a capability of four thousand four hundred and eighty milliamperes per hour.

The Phantom 3 standard battery is a lithium polymer battery called a lithium polymer battery (Lipo).

One thing to keep in mind concerning lithium polymer batteries is that they can discharge faster than lithium-ion batteries.

This drone battery is significantly more straightforward to deal with than prior models, thanks to a modification in this device.

Other improvements to the battery in this generation of the Phantom include an increase in power so that the device can fly for 25 minutes on a single charge in Phantom 3 standard battery mode. As a consequence, there will be no complications.

Another thing to remember about the Phantom 3 standard battery is that it is interchangeable with the batteries found in all Phantom 3 series drones in various models.

This gadget is the same whether it is Phantom 3 adv., Phantom 3 SD, or Phantom 3 Pro, and you may use the same battery for any of them.

This device weighs roughly 365 grams, which, as you can see, is not a lot and will not make the drone too heavy.

The Phantom 3 standard battery charger

The most important note about the features of this battery is its ability to charge.

In general, it is advised that you have sufficient knowledge about the charge of this battery and its characteristics before purchasing and using this item.

This battery’s charger is seventeen points two-tenths of a volt and one hundred watts in power.

Using this charger, you can fully charge the battery and have it ready for use in just ninety minutes.

To minimize complications when dealing with Drones, avoid recharging as quickly as possible and have an original spare battery available so that the Phantom 3 Standard battery replacement may be used when the primary battery has to be charged.

One of the benefits of these gadgets’ batteries is that they have a plastic cover protecting the battery from impact. Keep in mind that the battery will progressively deplete if you do not use this drone.

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The Phantom 3 standard battery with high performance

Another characteristic of this device’s battery to examine is its intelligent battery. In reality, the battery has a smart board that can continually declare the capacity and state of the storm.

Being wise implies that the battery can remind the user how much time he has to fly and how far he can travel during that period.

When the battery charge is depleted and it is time to recharge the device alert sounds, the flight terminates, and the gadget returns to the source.

Following that, charging should be completed, which is a simple process. Attach the phantom 3 standard battery charger and then use the LED lights mounted in the back of the battery to determine how much the battery is charged.

Battery information
Battery information

The Phantom 3 battery problem

The battery of the Phantom 3 is a crucial aspect of the gadget, and if it fails, it can interrupt the complete functionality of the device.

The Phantom 3 standard battery not charging is one of the most prevalent issues with this gadget. This implies that connecting the charger to the battery will be assessed promptly after 10 minutes.

Sometimes the battery is not charged, and the indicator displays this wrongly. In this case, owing to the malfunctioning battery, the discharge process is completed rapidly and in a matter of minutes, indicating that the battery does not charge correctly and must be fixed or replaced.

In the first stage, if the device’s battery is not charging, the battery charging port is likely malfunctioning.

If feasible, for charging the battery using a different charger. This is because the charging hub may be malfunctioning and unable to charge the battery. The message here is that the Phantom 3 Standard should be used in its unique hub and avoids using chargers from other devices because they may not be compatible with the battery and may create difficulties.

If the battery charges with the new hub, it is apparent that the trouble was not with the battery.

However, if the problem persists after changing the battery, we know the issue is most likely. At this time, you should take the battery to an authorized repair center or buy a new battery.

The Phantom three Standard battery error

Some mistakes fall into the category of common errors in the case of the Phantom 3 standard battery. We want to introduce you to these mistakes in the following sections, so stay tuned:

The main errors:

Inconsistent firmware error

This error happens when the device’s operating system cannot connect with the battery. While the apparatus and battery may be utilized, the flight duration is concise. To resolve this issue, first, upgrade the operating system. Updating the operating system will probably fix this error. It’s worth noting that this issue most frequently happens when you utilize the Phantom 3 standard battery from one type of drone to another. For example, use the Phantom 3 Adv. Battery for the Phantom 3 standard.

Error The battery has entered Hibernation mode

The second error happens when the standard Phantom 3 battery is not used for an extended period. The battery enters sleep mode in this instance. Batteries kept in warehouses, for example, are particularly vulnerable to this mistake. Because the total discharge of lithium batteries of the Lipo type might threaten the battery’s quality, hibernation mode is employed to alleviate this problem so that the battery is not entirely depleted.

The temperature of the battery is too hot to charge.

The standard temperature determined for the Phantom 3 standard battery is about 5 and 40 degrees Celsius, and the battery should not be charged if the temperature climbs over this number. Lower than permissible battery temperatures, on the other hand, may cause difficulties with the battery.

Various remarks show users the warning indicators in this case:

  • When the temperature goes up, the LED number 4 on the battery turns three times per second.
  • When the temperature falls, the same LED turns on and off twice per second.

High amperage detection

When the battery enhancing effect exceeds a specified level when charging, the battery charge pauses, and the second LED blinks on and off twice per second.

Short circuit detection

LED number 2 blinks on and off three times per second when this happens.

Over-discharge protection 6

When the battery over current discharge message appears on the controller panel, it indicates that the battery has been drained excessively.

As you read above, we mentioned 6 errors for this device battery to solve.

Now, continue, be with us to learn the common errors that may be faced.

The common errors:

  1. Overcharging or a broken charger fault, as explained in earlier sections.
  2. Pins that have been folded or twisted should be examined: To do this, you need to check the charger pins of the device and the charger port to see if there is a problem.
  3. Charger port that is not correctly positioned should be noticed that the charger is securely linked to the device’s charging port.
  4. Battery identification by the device happens when the gadget’s original batteries are not utilized and a fake battery is installed.
  5. Battery cell issues with the gadget: It is preferable to use the app to guarantee the health of the battery cells and to inspect the battery compartment and its cells thoroughly.

The Phantom 3 standard battery life

One factor that significantly influences the battery life of the standard Phantom 3 is the correct usage and charging of the device’s battery properly, which may considerably reduce battery errors.

The Phantom 3 standard battery life
The Phantom 3 standard battery life

Because of the importance of this topic, it is best to keep the following considerations in mind regarding this device’s battery:

  • Please do not charge the device’s battery soon after being discharged. Wait for the battery to cool to ambient temperature and regain temp before charging.
  • In hot conditions, it should be tried to give the gadget a 10-minute break after every 10 minutes of operation to rebuild strength.
  • In cold weather, it is required to warm the device’s battery somewhat before use. To accomplish this, place the smartphone in hover mode for one to two minutes, and keep in mind that the battery temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.
  • When you are not going to use the smartphone, it is best to set the charge level at 30%. This will increase the phantom 3 standard battery life.
  • To guarantee battery life and optimal performance, use the device’s standard and authorized charging hubs to ensure that the battery does not have a problem.

Phantom 3 standard battery stores

As indicated in earlier articles and throughout this piece, drones are a new technology employed in various sectors.

Indeed, drones or UAVs are used in various applications ranging from aerial cinematography and photography to aerial mapping and other similar tasks.

One of the most significant components of this gadget is its battery, which is responsible for the device’s overall functioning.

According to the explanations provided, when the device is not charging and cannot be fixed, the Phantom 3 Standard battery replacement is needed, and the gadget may be used again. It would help if you strived to acquire from trusted stores for this reason.

Otherwise, the potential of a conventional Phantom 3 Standard battery problem and the mistake would be substantially raised, and the uniqueness of the product will be called into doubt.


At the end of the article, we want to summarize our writing about the Phantom 3 Standard battery, as we explained during the essay, and we said that with the progress of drone technology, they had discovered a variety of applications in the realms of entertainment and work.

Several companies have begun to produce for this purpose, and the Phantom 3 Standard may be referred to be one of the third generation drones, which is currently rated first.

This device’s most important part is its battery, including a 4-cell type with a voltage of fifteen points and a capacity of four thousand four hundred eighty milliamperes per hour.

We discussed how this device’s battery should be charged optimally, the most typical issues, and the solutions users can apply to resolve them.

The final point to remember in the case of a battery is that if all of the steps we mentioned are followed, and no results are obtained, the battery should be replaced and purchased from a reputable source.

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