how to change fpv camera settings?

Today, all firms, particularly those in the photo and video industries, have developed and utilized technologies like drones to expand. With a camera mounted on them, these birds can give aerial views to users.

This is a particular characteristic, and it is even considered the primary purpose of these birds.

The essential thing to consider for the camera to perform better and provide a fantastic and perfect outcome is the total mastery of the DJI FPV camera settings to be used effectively in all modes.

Knowing about DJI FPV focus mode, DJI FPV distortion correction, DJI FPV center sensitivity, DJI FPV how to record video, and DJI FPV cinematic settings, among other things, can assist the user in obtaining the targeted result.

That’s why, in this post, we’ll go over the DJI FPV camera settings in-depth and show you how to do them correctly.

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(the dji fpv can fly a maximum distance of 16.8 kilometers. click: dji fpv specs)

Acquaintance with DJI FPV camera settings

As described in the preceding part, the settings section is the most significant section of any device.

If you have adequate control over this aspect, you can get the most out of your gadget and use it to its full potential as a drone user.

The same is true for drones and their cameras; if you’re acquainted with the DJI FPV camera settings and know how to operate it correctly, you’ll be able to take the most outstanding photos and videos possible.

We’ll go over some of the most critical DJI FPV camera settings now that you’ve fully grasped the importance of the settings area of every device:

  1. 4k video recording
  2. DJI FPV distortion correction
  3. DJI FPV focus mode
  4. DJI FPV center sensitivity
  5. DJI FPV how to record video
  6. DJI FPV cinematic settings
  7. DJI FPV Image Roll Correction mode

4k video recording

The DJI FPV camera settings must be as follows to use the 4k video recording capabilities at a frame rate of 60 frames per second:

  • To begin, select High Quality for the Transmission Quality option.

Note: If this option is set to Low Latency, you will no longer be able to watch a 4K video.

Next is to adjust the resolution to 4k 60 frames per second.

Change the following settings in the Advanced Camera Setting section as a starting step:

  • First, make a change to the record so that both options are available. This implies that you’ll be recording with the goggles and the flying camera. In this way, if the camera fails, the photos and videos captured by the goggles will be available, and vice versa.
  • Then, switch on the button to automatically record when your gadget takes off. This way, once your bird is ready to fly, you can start recording videos straight away without having to put in any further effort.
  • Then activate EIS, which stands for Electronic Image Stabilization. As a result, there is no visible tremor or vibration throughout the recording, and the video is done in an entirely calm and vibration-free environment.

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DJI FPV distortion correction

The distortion correction mode is the following and most significant parameter to consider in the DJI FPV camera settings. This is a theme setting that many users aren’t aware of.

If this setting is turned off, you will notice the impediments in your video, and the image will be less detailed but more concentrated.

When recording video, you might not enjoy these difficulties, but you’ll need them when flying.

To do so:

  • First, go to the DJI FPV distortion correction setting, where you can choose whether to enable this option exclusively for aircraft or only for goggles.
  • If you change these settings to aircraft-only mode, the bird’s video won’t display these impediments and will be broader and less detailed. There are boundaries in the goggles that allow us to see everything while flying and avoid accidents.

DJI FPV focus mode

Focus Mode is another DJI FPV camera setting that you may have seen in your goggles menu bar. When your received signals are cut off with electronic systems, you see the image in pixels.

Instead of decreasing the resolution quality and converting to a 16: 9 or 4: 3 beard spectrum, the DJI FPV focus mode tries to gather as much data as possible and then Focus the quantity of data and show it in the center of the screen.

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DJI FPV center sensitivity

The DJI FPV center sensitivity is another critical feature. You can simplify handling the bird by adjusting this part, which implies directing the bird with more significant and easier control.

  • It is preferable to set the DJI FPV center Sensitivity to 140 for this reason.
  • It’s also a good idea to set the Max Rate option to 550 and the Expo to 0.60 in this case.

These settings are, of course, optimal, and if you don’t want to use them, you can select settings that are more comfortable for you.

Drone Camera Settings Infographic


DJI FPV how to record video

Turn on the remote controller to the DJI FPV camera setting for flight.

Two crucial buttons can be found on the back and left of the controller:

  • The Flight Pause
  • RTH button and the Flight Mode Switch.

The Gimbal Dial is located beneath these two buttons.

The first button is for emergency braking and hovering, and you can press and hold it for a few seconds to engage RTH mode, which stops the bird and hovers in mid-air.

Normal, sport, and manual modes are available via the flying mode button.

DJI FPV cinematic settings

FPV cinematic settings
FPV cinematic settings

If you enjoy recording in the cinematic style, you should first focus on bird control and attempt to manage it as gently as possible. The next step is to adjust the DJI FPV camera settings to have a cinematic view.

Note: For DJI FPV cinematic settings, which flight mode should you use? Sport? Manually? Or regular? Whatever one you pick makes no difference; what

matters is how you set it.

  • To have these settings for your flying camera, you must first implement those above, i.e., 4k video recording, distortion correction, focus mode, and Center Sensitivity. It’s now time to figure out how to encode your videos, also known as Video Coding Format. For cinematic mode, change this parameter to H.265 mode.

The next option is DJI FPV camera settings for the cinematic color, which has two modes:

  • D-cinelike
  • Normal features

We want to argue that if you utilize color in regular mode, you have confined yourself and will finally have a ready-to-use and unadjustable image.

However, because the raw file is at your disposal and you can have all the variables you want for it, you can alter the color parameters to your desire using D-cinelike.

Audio recording is another option for tuning in a DJI FPV camera setting. It is preferable to activate it.

Use ND filters to create a cinematic effect.

By switching the DJI FPV camera setting mode to manual and using ND filters, you can easily create a cinematic video with special effects such as blurring sceneries, higher quality, smoother motion, better light, and so on.

If you’re using ND filters for cinematic settings and there’s also sunshine, the DJI FPV camera settings should be as follows:

Manual camera settings for shooting with ND filters
ISO 100 
Saturation  0
White Balance manual (5500k)

Image Roll Correction settings for cinematic mode

This section of the DJI FPV camera settings is often turned off. Because if it’s turned on, it can cut up the movie. It also reduces the width of your viewing angle, which isn’t ideal.

Of course, depending on your requirements, you may need to turn it on at times. However, it is preferable to disable it in most cases to obtain better and higher-quality photos and videos.

It is concluded that…

As stated before in this essay, the basic foundations of an electronic gadget are proper and principled settings.

Drones are included in this category as well. With a thorough explanation of DJI FPV camera settings, you can do it professionally and enjoy filming and shooting photographs with it.


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