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Phantom 3 standard accessories

drones are one of the most distinctive and appealing equipment and gadgets to emerge from global technology advancements.

Users may capture videos and photographs with innovative technology, which has a broad range of uses and functions, including military, home, and entertainment applications. Drones have now found a particular position in the lives of all humans.

It’s worth mentioning that essential Phantom 3 accessories are just as significant as the technology’s critical components. If you own a Phantom 3, you should be acquainted with these factors so that you can obtain them if necessary.

Based on this issue and its use in the developed world, we chose to begin this post by introducing the essential Phantom 3 accessories, followed by a quick discussion of the significant aspects of this best and critical technology, and lastly, the blades.

Let us now discuss the DJI Phantom 3 standard. Follow us, and don’t miss out on this content.

Phantom 3 standard accessories

Accessories are carefully, professionally, and thoroughly considered in all advancements. These accessories can sometimes be crucial and increase the device’s functionality, but other times they are the same items, and their existence is not required.

Phantom DJI drones, like other technologies, come with a range of accessories, some of which have no specific and necessary purpose. In contrast, others may be used to boost the device’s usability and performance.

As a result, in this part, we’ll go through the Phantom 3’s essential accessories, as tables below:

Neck strap for Phantom 3 standard
Phantom 3 standard drone sponge box for transporting or storing
Radio control neck slings
Phantom 3 standard gimbal dampers for drones
Unique booster to increase the drone’s flying distance by boosting the phantom antenna
Canopy for a radio controller or a sun hood
Body and control system tags for aesthetics and customization Phantom 3 Standard
Awnings for Phantom 3 standard drone cameras
Special charger for 1 to 4 DJI Phantom 3 standard drones
HDMI devices are available for all Phantom series drones
Phantom 3 standard camera lock for attaching the camera to the bird
drone locust protection piece
Phantom 3 standard drone gimbal clamp
Camera cover, which also acts as a lock for the camera


Several accessories necessary for the Phantom 3 standard are noted in the table above. We will now go over some more Phantom 3 accessories that owners should be aware of, so be sure to read this post to the conclusion.

Other essential Phantom 3 accessories

As previously said, this device comes with several attachments, some of which we discussed earlier, and now we’d like to go over the rest of them, which are not without worth. These elements and accessories are as follows:

Carbon-based gimbal protection component that is long-lasting
DJI Phantom 3 standard drones  unique takeoff and landing pad (normal takeoff and landing).
DJI Phantom 3 standard blades with carbon material
Covers for Phantom 3 standard radio controllers that are both elegant and stunning
Phantom drone standard hub (version 3)
Unique and special bags for Phantom version drones for carrying and storing birds, components, and accessories
Phantom 3 standard extra battery
Mobile/tablet holder with radio control for Phantom 3 standard drones
UV filter for Phantom 3 standard drone
Unique shakers for gimbal as well as camera mounts in Phantom 3 standard
ND 4, 8, 16 filters for standard 3 series
Standard bases for phantom 3 standard landing
Phantom 3 standard compass
Manual filming handles for recording time


Finally, we would like to point out that every owner and user of this innovation should be aware of the accessories necessary for this technology, which we have compiled in the tables for your convenience.

Now that you learn the Phantom 3 standard accessories from the tables above, let us get acquainted with the main and necessary equipment together.

PhantomStandard significant components

There is additional equipment for making essential Phantom 3 equipment easier and more professional operate, all of which are of good quality while being inexpensive and cost-effective.

Join us today as we present you to these original DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone parts:

  1. The drone’s power source is its battery.
  2. Radio controller for drones.
  3. Gimbal for drone.
  4. Locust the device.
  5. The fundamental body.
  6. Aircraft or bird.
  7. Charger for drones.
  8. Central aviary.
  9. Numerous Phantom 3 standard cables for its different links.
  10. GPS for gimbal components.
  11. Sensors for unmanned aerial vehicles.
  12. Memory card.
  13. The gimbal arms and its engine.
  14. Phantom 3 Standard camera.

DJI Phantom 3 standard blades

Following a detailed explanation of the device components, it is time to examine one of the most critical necessary aspects of the Phantom 3 drone, the locust, the most sensitive and crucial element known as the locust.

The Phantom 3 Standard features two types of locusts: left and right, and its blades are 9450 standards.

DJI Phantom 3 standard blades are identical to Phantom 2 blades in every way. However, it should be mentioned that with the new edition of Phantom, the same Phantom 3, they improved them before putting them on the market.

Surprisingly, a Phantom 3 standard blade can be installed. The capacity of locusts to self-tighten is a significant advantage.

The crucial thing to remember here is that the locust should be symmetrical, not too stiff or free. Because neglecting the closing method causes equipment to harm the device.


During the article, drones are the most innovative and intriguing aspects of technology that come worldwide and affect all people’s lives.

This technology has various functions used in the army, personal, and entertainment purposes and allows users to record videos and capture images in the highest quality.

In all improvements, accessories are attentively, skillfully, and comprehensively evaluated.

These add-ons might be helpful to and expand the device’s capabilities in some cases. However, they are often the same products that aren’t necessary.

Phantom DJI UAVs, also like other technology, comes with a variety of accessories, some of which serve no use at all. On the other hand, others might be employed to improve the device’s service and performance, as we mentioned above.

At the end we want to say that you can ask any question you have about this article and also maybe there are the other accessories that we did not mention and you can send us to add to our writing.


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