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DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue

There were a few serious issues with the battery installed initially in these birds, which caused the customers tremendous frustration and left them feeling underwhelmed.

As was previously said, the issue of the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue was the one that stood out as both the most significant and the most significant overall.

During this insightful post, dear reader, we would also want to request pertinent information from you on the topic of battery discharge.

Examine the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue

Both birds and drones, just like any other kind of technological gadget, are susceptible to having their unique issues.

One of the most significant problems associated with these drones is DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue.

You certainly do not need to be concerned about anything; you only require a little information.

This is particularly crucial for individuals who do not use their bird regularly and frequently, as they have a greater need to be informed about it.

In this respect, the essential thing to note is that the DJI corporation is fully aware of this issue, has acknowledged its existence, and is supposedly working to find a solution.

As a result, we have reason to believe that the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue will be fixed shortly and that the DJI mini 2 battery will no longer have any issues with the rate at which it discharges.

The issue is that the bird’s system does not automatically drain the battery if the DJI Mini 2 battery is left inside the gadget or its charger for an extended period.

However, why exactly is DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue a problem? Stay with us because, in the next section, we will go over it again.

Why does the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue?

The first MAVIC Mini Drones were powered by lithium-ion batteries integrated into the aircraft’s design.

Lithium polymer batteries are included with the DJI Mini 2, on the other hand. Because they are constructed, lithium polymer batteries, also known as lipo batteries, should not be allowed to remain in either the fully charged or depleted states for an extended period. It can be the factor in DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue!

If anything like this were to occur to these batteries, the overall health of the battery would be jeopardized, and its life would be shortened.

In addition, if this persists, the battery may sustain more significant damage, such as expanding, in which case it has reached the end of its life and has to be replaced with a new battery.

On the other hand, according to DJI’s remarks concerning the DJI mini-2, if this bird battery that has been wholly charged is left inactive for a long time, its battery should automatically discharge to 96 percent after one day.

Additionally, this battery’s level should be automatically lowered by 72 percent after 5 days.

The DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue arises so that the auto Discharge technology will not operate for it if the battery is left in the charging hub or even in the bird itself but is not being used while it is there.

Providing up to 31 minutes of flight time, the intelligent flight battery grants higher energy density with less weight. The built-in DJI Intelligent Battery Management System ensures safer flight.

What takes place if the battery on the DJI Mini 2 doesn’t discharge?

Now that we have a basic understanding of the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue, we can see that a malfunction in the automated charging mechanism can adversely affect our drone and its battery.

The battery will have severe consequences if the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue is not resolved effectively, the battery flow is not immediately stopped after full charge, or the charged battery does not come out of the bird.

Just a few examples are as follows:

  • The first issue is that this might hurt your bird’s battery life.
  • The second issue is that shorter battery life forces you to replace your existing battery and incur additional fees much sooner than you may have anticipated.
  • The third issue is that if the battery is left at the charging hub or inside the aircraft, it will eventually get damaged and inflated due to the high temperatures and humidity. In other words, your battery has reached the end of its useful life and has to be replaced.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue?

Now that you know what may go wrong if the battery isn’t fully discharged, you can prepare yourself financially for the prospect of having to buy a new battery.

Finally, let’s have a look at the possible answers to DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue:

In the first section of this post, we said that the DJI corporation has acknowledged the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue and is actively looking for ways to address it.

Admin suggestion:

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How to charge the DJI mini 2 battery?

How Long Does DJI Mini 2 Take to Charge?

Until the DJI figures out this significant issue, however, the questions arise:

  • what should be done?
  • Can this issue be fixed, or not?

The only workaround that is currently available to you to prevent DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue:

  • Ensure that the battery is removed from the bird immediately after each usage.
  • Make sure you check the battery often anytime you are charging it with the charging hub.
  • This will ensure that you remove the battery from the charging hub as soon as it has reached its maximum capacity, preventing excessive electricity from entering the battery.
  • After a few days, it is essential to examine these batteries to see whether or not they have been discharged.
  • If the battery has not yet been completely depleted, it is in your best interest to let your bird fly for a little longer until the battery level hits 72 percent, which three LEDs will indicate.

In this approach, your drone will have no issue so long as DJI continues to work on finding a solution to the problem of the DJI Mini 2’s battery draining too quickly.


DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue is one of the key and typical difficulties of DJI drones that this firm recognized and sought to fix.

When the DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue arises, the battery will not drain naturally and might hurt battery health and durability.

As a drone owner of a DJI firm, you must have faced DJI mini 2 battery discharge issue; we are delighted to share your experiences with your other friends and us on the site so they may also benefit from it.


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