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DJI mini 2 battery not charging

As one of the most successful drones and aircraft manufacturers in China, the DJI has attracted many customers and ensured their happiness with its offerings.

One of this firm’s best-known and most popular goods is their “Mavic” line of products.

As one of the most popular drones in the Mavic line, the DJI mini 2 is often plagued by the issue of the DJI mini 2 battery not charging.

These birds’ batteries and charging are considered essential difficulties for customers, who often ask inquiries and have problems with them.

It is possible that the DJI mini 2 battery is not charging for various reasons that we will discuss in this post.

We recommend that you remain with us for a while. If you have a DJI mini 2 bird and are having trouble with the DJI mini 2 battery not charging, we will help you figure out what is causing this problem.

Why DJI mini 2 battery not charging?

Mini 2 series was designed and launched by DJI after the success of the Mavic line of birds, which had been a massive hit among customers.

Mavic Mini 2’s small weight and high performance make it a standout among its competitors. In this DJI drone example, the lithium polymer battery, or lipo, is employed for powering the device.

These batteries are much superior to the lithium-ion batteries used in the DJI mini drone because of their outstanding performance and extended life expectancy.

But difficulties might arise even with all these good things about this battery.

The DJI mini 2 battery not charging, which is one of the most common complaints from consumers.

In the course of using this sort of drone, you’ve undoubtedly wondered:

  1. What is the issue, and how to fix it?
  2. Why DJI mini 2 battery not charging?
  3. Is there an issue with the battery or anything else?

Perhaps it’s a charging issue!

Even more essential, what is the best course of action?

DJI mini 2 battery not charging

When the DJI mini 2 battery not charging, there are two leading causes for this:

  1. There is a problem with the battery.
  2. The charger is the issue.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at both of these reasons:

There is a problem with the battery.

When our DJI mini 2 battery not charging, the first thing that may spring to mind is a damaged battery.

These birds’ batteries, like any other, can be damaged, have issues, or just quit operating altogether for various reasons.

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How Long Does DJI Mini 2 Take to Charge?

The battery can have been damaged by falls, accidents, and significant collisions, which might be a factor in this.

Accidents happen while your bird is flying or if it falls from a great height. The battery can be harmed as a result of this.

Improper usage, charging, and maintenance of your bird’s battery are all possibilities for how it got into this mess in the first place.

Drone batteries can be destroyed if they are not charged according to the instructions, so follow those instructions carefully and ensure the circumstances are suitable before you attempt to charge your battery.

It’s also possible to determine whether your battery is damaged or not by paying attention to how well the Auto Discharge function works. In contrast, the battery is mounted in the aircraft or inside the charging hub.

Mini 2’s automated evacuation does not operate for this bird, which the business has acknowledged and is attempting to fix.

In other words, while the battery is shut off on the charging hub or within the aircraft, its capacity will be depleted, but only when it works.

Battery damage may occur if the charge is not discharged correctly because lithium polymer batteries cannot be fully discharged.

The charger is the issue

You should check the charger if the DJI mini 2 battery is not charging and your bird’s battery seems in good condition.

To refresh your memory, there are two methods to power up the DJI mini 2 battery:

  • First, use a charging hub and switch to a USB type C charger to complete the charging process.
  • Find out how you recharge the battery before moving on to the next step.

Do you have a charging hub? If not, what kind of USB cable are you connecting with?

Are you using a cable? Check to see whether it’s in good shape and not too short before you use it!

In such a case, check if you’re charging through the USB connection on your laptop or the one in your vehicle.

We recommend using a power source if you utilize USB ports since the ports may not be able to provide the current and voltage necessary by your battery.

Check your charging hub’s connections first to make sure nothing is amiss before you begin using it to charge your devices.

What about checking the LEDs on the charging hub to see whether they’re lit up or not?

To check the battery, you can even use a different charging station.

Using another charging hub, we conclude that the DJI mini 2 battery not charging because the charging hub is broken, and you need either purchase a new charging hub or use a USB charger to charge it.


The DJI mini 2 battery not charging, and this is one of the most prevalent mini 2 drone difficulties.

A broken battery and a malfunctioning charger are the two leading causes of this issue.

Using the approaches described in this article, you can investigate these issues before attempting to resolve them.

It’s a good idea to share your knowledge about the DJI mini 2 battery not charging in the comments area so that other people can benefit from it.

As a bonus, if this post helped you fix the DJI mini 2 battery not charging issue, please share your experience with us and let us know how helpful the solutions described here were.


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