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How to charge the DJI mini 2 battery?

In modern days when technology is evolving, and everything works and living is dependent on the growth of the globe, Drones are among the technologies that have found a specific place in business and for themselves.

These drones include the Mavic series drones, which can be regarded as one of the most well-known and well-liked drones produced by the thriving DJI firm among fans of fast speeds.

Meanwhile, the miniseries of these birds are quite popular, and many users are motivated to purchase them to get a lightweight bird that can also function as a launcher.

One of the advantages of these drones is that their batteries are of the miniseries kind, which can be regarded as a strength.

For this reason, in this section, we will address one of users’ most frequently asked questions: how to charge the DJI Mini 2 battery?

How to charge the DJI mini 2 battery?

Some individuals are not acquainted with the items manufactured by the DJ firm, and this is the first time they utilize the drones manufactured by the company.

Regarding this topic, one of the questions that are asked the most often is ” how to charge DJI Mini 2 battery?”

We can charge these birds’ batteries and then install them in their proper locations so that the bird is ready to fly and may be employed.

This question has to be answered, but there are several possible answers.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that this device has three battery compartments and a charging hub where you can place the batteries while they are charging.

Naturally, this charging hub is unable to charge all three batteries at the same time, and its operation is as follows:

  • First, charge the battery that has the most extraordinary charge level; then, after it is ultimately charged, shut off the current and transfer it to another battery; ultimately, all three batteries of this bird will be fully charged and ready to use.

You will have no trouble using and charging the batteries for your DJI Mini 2 with the assistance of this charging hub.

It would be best if you also remembered to utilize the charging hub; you will only need to make a few connections before it is ready for use.

Stay close because we’re going to look at how to charge DJI Mini 2 battery for the very first time in the next section.

How to charge the DJI mini 2 battery?

Providing up to 31 minutes of flight time, the intelligent flight battery grants higher energy density with less weight. The built-in DJI Intelligent Battery Management System ensures safer flight.

How to charge the DJI mini 2 battery for the first time?

In any case, we have arrived at the point in the guide when we discuss how to charge the DJI Mini 2 battery for the first time.

Before anything else, it is essential to point out that the battery for the Drone is situated at the rear of the vehicle.

To remove the battery after opening its lid, you will first need to lift the attached chassis and then, while simultaneously moving the battery upwards with the aid of the same chassis, open the lid of the battery.

Consequently, the battery can be removed in this manner. One of these ports can be used to charge the battery for the DJI Mini 2, and it can be found at the very bottom of this location.

This port must have the charging wire attached to it to charge the left port, which is located on the other side of the device.

After that, you will be able to connect the other end of the charger to a power source such as a power bank, laptop, USB port in a vehicle, or any other item of a similar kind.

If you have completed all these steps correctly and successfully established the connections, you will see that the LED indicators underneath your bird have begun to flicker.

Four lights serve as charge indicators for the battery, each representing a charge rate of twenty-five percent.

In point of fact:

Four MINI 2 battery charge indicator lights

In the following, there is a list of things that it is best to pay attention to in this area, and they are as follows:

Note one: Through the charging, the battery is inserted inside the bird. This is how to charge DJI Mini 2 battery.

Note two: The user can use the charging hub to charge the batteries straightforwardly.

In the next paragraph, we will discuss using this approach.

Battery status lights

How to charge DJI mini 2 with a hub?

We already discussed how to charge DJI Mini 2 battery for the first time.

In this part, we’ll discover how to charge DJI Mini 2 battery with a triple charging hub.

for this purpose:

  • To proceed, you must initially connect the charger to the hub.
  • The next step is to wait for the LED indication of the charging hub to stop flashing and begin functioning normally.
  • At this point, either insert the battery into the charging hub or connect it to the device.

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How Long Does DJI Mini 2 Take to Charge?

It is essential to note that some charging hubs have the shape of cases, and the battery is inserted into the hub itself.

Some are in the form of a screen that prompts us to connect the battery from its designated location to the charging hub, while others have a similar design.

After connecting the batteries, as discussed in the previous part, the indicator lights will begin flashing. The battery will take some time to reach its maximum capacity before it is ultimately charged.

Remember that even if you utilize all three of the charging hub connections, as we said before, you won’t be able to charge three batteries simultaneously.

Instead, the battery begins charging at a greater level than its last charge, and after it has reached its maximum capacity, it is pulled from the charging circuit, making way for the next battery in line.

You must remember the following information about the batteries of these birds:

The batteries of these drones are constructed out of lithium polymer, which is a vital point to bear in mind. This is the case even though the DJI Mini is built with a lithium-ion battery.

If we are going to make a comparison between these two kinds of batteries, we have to say:

  • Compared to lithium polymer or lipo batteries with lithium-ion batteries, the performance of lithium-ion batteries is much inferior.
  • In addition, lithium-ion batteries’ lifespan is less than that of lithium polymer batteries, and they degrade quicker.
  • Finally, the quality of lithium polymer batteries possess is high heat tolerance, which is a quality that ranks high on the priority list for the battery because of its significance.


At the end of the piece, which was all about how to charge the DJI Mini 2 battery, we concluded that the battery that is used for the DJI Mini 2 is a polymer lithium type, which, in comparison to lithium-ion batteries, offers much-improved performance as well as a longer lifespan.

Two overarching categories can be used to explain how to charge DJI Mini 2 battery:

  1. How to charge DJI Mini 2 battery using the charging hub?
  2. How to charge DJI Mini 2 battery using a charging wire and USB chargers?

In this essay, we have provided a comprehensive explanation for each of these topics. If you have any prior experience charging DJI Mini 2 batteries or any suggestions about how to charge them most efficiently, please feel free to share them with us and other site users in the comments area, and we would be very grateful.

Additionally, suppose you have any queries or concerns about how to charge DJI Mini 2 battery. In that case, you can bring them up in the comments area so our specialists can respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.


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