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Do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2?

These days, drones and quadcopters are not only a piece of highly desirable equipment for business and aerial cinematography but also very appealing tools for use in the leisure and amusement industries.

The DJI firm is one of the most successful companies in inventing and manufacturing these birds.

They have introduced numerous generations to the market, including Phantom, Mavic, FPV, etc.

The Mavic Mini and Mavic Mini 2 are two of the most common birds purchased by consumers.

The issue that needs to be answered is, “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2?”

It is usually one of the most common queries asked by consumers who possess either one of these two models or maybe both.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss this topic and investigate whether Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2.

since we cannot utilize either of these batteries as a replacement for the other.

Therefore, if you are interested in responding to “do Mavic mini batteries work in the mini 2?” question, you should continue listening to us.

Do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2?

As we have said, the drones manufactured by DJI are produced and made available in various generations.

The Mavic series of these birds have always been top-rated owing to their fast speed and fantastic performance, and customers exhibit particular interest in purchasing them.

The DJI Mavic mini and the DJI mini 2 are both well-liked versions that belong to this series.

The DJI Mavic mini and the DJI mini 2 are both very well-liked versions that belong to this series.

The DJI mini 2 is better recognized by its original name and does not often include the term “Mavic” in its title.

The battery inside of these birds is not only what drives them, but it is also the single component responsible for their movement.

Our bird will not even switch on if this particular battery is missing or if it does not function expectedly.

The Mavic mini and the DJI Mini 2 need batteries specifically designed for use with their devices to function correctly.

The subject of “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2” has been one that customers often ask.

In answer to this question, “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2”: we have to state that because each of these two birds uses a different kind of battery, we can’t substitute one battery for the other, mainly because of the various types of batteries are entirely distinct from one another.

As a result, to answer the often-asked topic posed by customers: “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2?” We regret to inform you that this is not feasible, and you will not be able to use both of these batteries simultaneously.

To better understand this matter, we will continue investigating the batteries found in each of these birds.

Learn about the Mavic Mini’s battery and its features.

To provide an adequate response, the issue at hand is “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2”; you have received an explanation on this matter from us.

It is essential to have a solid understanding of the basic features shared by both of these species.

You will observe the differences between these two batteries and understand why it is impossible to swap them once you have this opportunity.

The fact that the Mavic Mini’s battery is of the lithium-ion kind is the first and most significant item to consider.

User suggestions:: DJI mini 2 battery not charging

The lifetime of these sorts of batteries is the shortest compared to lithium polymer batteries, and their performance is also much inferior.

The capacity added for the Mavic Mini is similar to 2400 mAh. Additionally, it has a power of 17.28 Wh, and the most power that can be changed into this battery is 24 W.

This battery’s maximum charging voltage is 8.4 volts, and its output voltage is 7.2 volts. However, the battery can only handle a charging voltage of 7.2 volts.

The battery for the Mavic Mini weighs 100 grams, and for it to be charged, it must be kept at a temperature between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Specifications for the Mavic mini battery
2400 mAh Capacity
7.2 V Voltage
8.4 V Maximum charging voltage
Lithium-ion 2 cel Battery type
17.28 W power
100 gr net weight
5 to 40 degrees Celsius


14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Charging temperature range
24W Maximum charging power

Learning about the DJI mini 2 battery and its features.

As we’ve already established, the answer to the “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2” issue is a resounding no.

To properly care for these birds, we need to be familiar with the two different kinds of batteries utilized and their properties. In the prior art, we had a chance to get acquainted with the Mavic Mini’s battery.

Now might be a good time to inspect the battery in the DJI Mini 2. This bird uses a battery that is a two-cell lithium polymer battery that has excellent performance and a long lifetime. The battery is utilized in the bird.

The capacity of this device is comparable to 2250 mAh, and it has 17.32-watt hours. This battery has a maximum allowable charging voltage of 8.8 volts and a maximum output voltage of 7.7 volts when fully charged.

The battery for the DJI Mii 2 weighs in at 86,2 grams, and it has a maximum power of 29 watts while being charged.

It functions similarly to the Mavic Mini about the appropriate temperature range for charging.

According to these specs, it is clear that the answer to the issue of “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2” is no.


Drones in the Mavic series are among the most powerful and swiftest versions produced by DJI.

When it comes to this generation’s Mavic mini and Mavic mini 2 models, the issue of “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2” is the one that comes up most often among users.

In answer, we have to explain that it is not feasible to use these batteries interchangeably because they come in various varieties and have multiple specifications.

You can share your knowledge with us and other users of this question, “do Mavic mini batteries work in mini 2” by providing feedback in the comments area on any of these two birds if you have any prior experience with them.


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