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How to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller?

Using drones and quadcopters for aerial photos and video has become quite popular recently.

In addition to their usage in the entertainment industry, these multitasking birds are also put to work in the shooting and photographing aerial scenes, whether for movies, documentaries, or other projects.

The DJI brand is one of the most significant and well-known firms creating and producing these birds.

They have also brought several different series of these birds to the market. One of the most well-known drones in the DJI Mavic series is the DJI Mini 2, which was released in 2017.

How to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller is one of the questions that novice users of this bird ask the most often in different forums, and they are seeking a response to their query.

As a result of this, we concluded that the best way to alleviate some of the anxieties held by these new users would be to provide an answer to the straightforward issue posed in this article.

If first-time users, we strongly encourage you to stick around until the end of the discussion about how to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller.

Additionally, you can use our website to acquire any additional information about DJI drones you need and profit from doing so.

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How to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller?

The subject of how to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller arises when you are a professional DJ user, and it’s like a joke to you.

Therefore, you should not read this article since it is not appropriate for you, you will not need it, and you can use other advanced articles available on this website:

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However, if you are a novice user who has just recently begun using Mini 2, the information presented in this article can be of great use.

When you first get your bird and unbox it, you will probably be a bit bewildered and won’t know how to utilize it.

However, there is no need for concern since, with the assistance of our information, you will quickly be able to make the transition from a novice DJ user to a professional one.

In the following part, we are going to provide a solution to the topic, ” how to turn off DJI mini 2 controller?” to respond to this, locate the button labeled “power” on your controller.

power on DJI mini 2 controller

The symbol for the power button is often always the same, and it takes the form of a circle with a line extending upward from the center.

This button may be on the controller, specifically on the right side, just below the proper control stick.

We will assume that our controller is turned on and then attempt to turn it off.

To turn off the DJI mini 2 controller, give the power button a single push to activate this function.

Now push this button twice, and this time keep it down for a few minutes after each press. Maintain constant finger pressure on the button until the audible signal is triggered.

After you have heard a beep, you are free to remove your hand from the button. As you can see, the LED lights on the controller will turn off one by one, and at this point, the remote control of your bird has been disabled.

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How to turn on the DJI mini 2 controller?

Now that we discuss how to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller, it is time to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller and provide a concise description of its use.

The power button must be pressed once more for this controller to be turned on. To begin, give the control for turning the device on and off with a single push.

In such a scenario, the LED lights on the radio controller will become active.

These LED lights, of which there are a total of 4, show the charge level of the controller. Each morning indicates a proportion of the charge equal to twenty-five percent of the total.


how to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller? This is a subject that first-time users often ask of the DJI mini-2.

Throughout this post, we have made an effort to handle this problem very straightforwardly, and we have also covered the steps necessary to activate this controller.

Do you have any suggestions about how to turn off the DJI mini 2 controller?

You are more than welcome to use the comments area to voice any inquiries you may have about DJI Mini 2 drones and any ideas that may occur to you.


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